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I-Bird $1050 (0-5 WS jumps)

Introductory wingsuit which is easy to attach, wear and fly. Jumper can reach risers/toggles without need to unzip.

T-Bird $1150 (5+ WS jumps).

Intermediate suit for all-round performance. Suit starts flying quickly on a BASE jump and allows for easy pilot-chute access. Good for flocking and fun flying, as well as for BASE jumpers looking for an easy suit to fly.

S-Bird $1450 (50+ WS jumps)

For experienced pilots looking for serious performance: longer flights and more lift. Aimed at BASE jumpers needing longer time/distance performance and skydivers working on solo performance. With practice can be used for acrobatics/flocking.

R-Bird $1250  (25+ WS jumps)

Good all round suit with a performance boost. Good for flocking/fun flying but larger wings allow for improved performance: be it for more flocking range or performance. Easy pilot chute access and easy to fly on front or back. Starts flying quickly for BASE.

X3-Bird $1650 (150+ WS jumps)

For expert wingsuiters looking for high glide performance. Fast starts, non-strenuous on pilot and high forward speed. Close to apache design but allows for harness to be kept on outside (for skydivers). Aimed at skydiving pilots working on performance and BASE jumpers looking for maximum glide.

Tony apache

Apache $1750 (200+ WS jumps)

Designed for expert BASE pilots with integrated system for suit and container to reduce drag. Landed by Gary Connery in 2012 into a box-rig. Huge range (low attack – high attack) to cover large distances.

Tony suits are one of the most fierce players in the wingsuit game. They  have a huge range of suits with excellent prices, designs and developments. Very popular competition suit.