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Wingsuit Marketing

Wingsuit Marketing

Tony suits are one of the most fierce players in the wingsuit game. They  have a huge range of suits with excellent prices, designs and developments. Very popular competition suit.

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Wingsuit Flying has never been more popular and neither have the branding opportunities around this white-hot, high-octane adrenaline sport; barely a day goes past that the discipline is not reaping valuable PR via national newspapers and international television networks, or generating free viral press through popular social media channels.


Already, hundreds of brands around the world are harnessing the positive associations of Wingsuit Flying to capture the imaginations of a difficult to impress generation of young males. Whether this has been achieved through exclusive content, ambassador affiliation, product placement, project support, equipment sponsorship or guest speaking, we continue to see advertisers supporting and extending their investments in light of a strong and measured ROI.


At WingsuitFly we undertand that you don't need anyone getting in the way of your brand-building project. That's why you can directly contact professional wingsuiters through our ATHLETES page. But we also understand that you might like a little guidance, so if you want a nudge in the right direction or to discuss your project, simply drop Jon an email at: [email protected]



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