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Access  €350

Introductory wingsuit which is easy to attach, wear and fly. Jumper can reach risers/toggles without need to unzip.

Indy  €550

Intermediate for all-round performance. Suit starts flying quickly on BASE jumps and allows for easy pilot-chute access. Good for flocking.

Verso  €850

For advanced flyers Similar size to a Tony Suits R-bird and a good all-round suit. Easy to back-fly and control with integrated cut-away options.

Expert €750

For Intermediate flyers. Slightly smaller than the Tony Suits T-bird and easy to fly. Great acrobatic characteristics and a good suit to learn in.

Profly €930

For advanced flyers. Good glide performance and larger leg wing.

Elite €1030

For experienced flyers; more surface area and useable for BASE or skydiving.



FlyYourBody is a popular range of suits developed in France, which fly using a unique palm-down technique.

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Fury €1495

Designed for very experienced wingsuit flyers and Wingsuit BASE jumpers.

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S-Fly Fly Your Body


Core €2850

For experienced wingsuit-BASE jumpers with integrated BASE container.