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Wingsuiting Cost

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Here is a rough budget of what you could expect to invest before you are QUALIFIED to skydive in a wingsuit without supervision. After reading this, you may want details of how or WHERE to LEARN or you may have been looking for WINGSUITS prices:


1) AFF/RAPS Learner Course - 1200GBP (1950USD / 1400EUR): COMPARISON

2) 180 more jumps - 4000GBP (6000USD / 5000EUR)

3) Your own Parachute - 2000GBP (3200USD / 2300EUR)

4) EQUIPMENT - 500GBP (800USD / 1400EUR)

5) WINGSUIT - 800GBP (1200USD / 900EUR)

6) Transport to DZ - 500GBP-2000GBP (800USD-3200USD / 600EUR-2400EUR)

7) Membership + Socialising - 600GBP (1000USD / 700EUR)

8) Wingsuit Course - 500GBP (800USD / 1400EUR)



TOTAL: ~9,800GBP (16,000USD / 13.400EUR)


Very few people in the sport can afford the costs without a degree of sacrifice. Giving up a 20 cigarette a day habit would save you £8212 over 3 years. Giving up a £25 per week drinking habit would save you an extra £4000. Packing parachutes at weekends (which is how many wingsuiters learn the ropes) could make you an extra £14,000 per year (dropzones are always looking for new packers). The question isn't whether you can do it. It's how badly you want it. Get started by finding a RAPS or AFF course in your country on our WHERE page.


Ready to get started?: WHERE

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Want to see see the different types of Wingsuit?: WINGSUITS

Want to know the cost of equipment?: EQUIPMENT

Want to see the different types of Wingsuiting?: DISCIPLINES

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