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How to Learn

We'll start with the truth: you're not going to be able to hop onto a plane or wander off a cliff in a wingsuit tomorrow, much the same as you wouldn't expect to be let loose on an F18 bomber a day after joining the air force (but if you're interested in finding out how a wingsuit is physically flown you can check out our VIDEO TUTORIALS). Learning to fly a wingsuit requires building up a few years of skydiving experience, a bit of patience and a good mental attitude. If you're still interested, read on.


The first step towards flying a wingsuit is filling in the form to the right so that we can help you to find a RAPS (static line) or AFF (accelerated freefall) course. You will need to be at least 16 years old and in good physical condition. After 2 days training on the ground you'll be ready for your first beginner jump, and after completing around 20 solo beginner jumps in 3-6 months (if jumping one day a week) you will become a legally qualified skydiver. This means you can jump at any skydive center in the world (most allow you to rent equipment) and can start working towards jumping with groups of people. Cost and time estimates for this and further steps can be found on our PRICES page.


Once you're qualified to skydive you'll need to work on your skydiving ability (in various desciplines) for around 200-500 jumps before wingsuiting (the figure depends on your national skydiving association's regulations). There are many FUN OPPORTUNITIES in skydiving such as formation (group) skydiving, freeflying, parachute handling, tracking (wingsuiting without the suit) and much more. To get started you will need to build a fair sized budget and to buy some basic equipment which can be found on our EQUIPMENT and WINGSUITS pages.


Once you're ready, you can buy/rent a beginner wingsuit and find a WS coach at your dropzone. From here many other avenues such as BASE and wingsuit competitions will open.


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Learn to Wingsuit

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