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From top to bottom, the Drift Innovation HD1080 camera is very popular with skydivers and easily mountable to a helmet.


The GoPro Black edition is extremely versatile and great for wingsuiting due to its wide range of mounting options. Also has a great slow-mo option, superb stills shots and good low-light options.


Finally, the Contour HD+ has in-built GPS and a low profile shape to reduce snag-hazards.


Cameras cannot be used in skydiving until you have 50-200 jumps depening on your location. They cost anywhere from 100GBP-400GBP depending on the quality of footage you require.

From top to bottom, the full-face skydiving helmet is great at protecting the face from impacts and prevents the need for goggles - shielding the face from air. The main issue with full-face helmets is that they can fog up from breathing, and hence can prove a hazard when wingsuiting. The Square1 Phantom X is a great value and well designed modular fullface.


An openface helmet is great for mounting cameras but does require goggles to be worn to protect the eyes in freefall.


A good quality helmet will set you back 200GBP-300GBP.


From top to bottom, ski goggles are a very popular choice for wingsuiters as they have less tendancy to fog up. Smith make a great product which even contains an extractor fan to remove fog.


Gatorz are also a popular product, they don't protect the face very well but their curved shape is tight fitting and shields the eyes from the wind.


Sorz are extremely popular goggles, protect the eyes well and won't shatter on any impact - which is great for looking after your eyes.


Eyewear will set you back 10GBP-100GBP.

There are loads of choices for skydive rigs, including Aerodyne, UPT, Wings and Thomas Sport to name a few. A rig consists of a container, reserve parachute, main parachute and an AAD. An AAD is an electronic device which deploys your reserve parachute by at around 800ft should you have failed to deploy. The size and make of the parachute will depend on your discipline and experience.


A BASE rig has no reserve parachute or AAD and is designed for BASE jumping.


These kits will set you back 2000GBP-4000GBP but hold their value well.

Again, there are many WINGSUIT PRODUCERS, including PhoenixFly (makers of the Phantom 2, Shadow, Ghost, Vampire 4), S-Fly (makers of the Expert) and Tony Fly (makers of the X-bird, Apache, S-bird). These suits are all MANUFACTURED DIFFERENTLY and flown differently, and come in various sizes based on the wingsuiter's experience and discipline. A full list of suits and costs available on the market can be found on our WINSGUITS page.


These can set you back 600GBP-1800GBP depending on the size and options.

Altimeters can be analogue, digital or hybrid. They are hand-mounted and designed to display a skydiver's altitude. Digital/hybrid altimeters are capable or automatically logging jump data such as flight time, deployment/exit altitude and jump numbers.


Generally wingsuiters in the UK and US will measure their altitude in feet, whereas the rest of the world uses metric (metres).


These can cost 50GBP-300GBP depending on the model.

An audible altimeter is designed to beep at pre-set altitudes to warn a wingsuiter to leave their group (break-off) or deploy their parachute. They are also often capable of logging jump data.


These can cost 80GBP-180GBP depening on the model.

GPS systems such as the flysight are advanced wingsuit loggers capable of exporting data into analytic software and displaying information such as distance flown, speed, glide ratio and to map flight paths. These can be recorded as graphs and are useful to improve performance.


New devices which include HUD (heads-up-display) software are now starting to come to market too.


These can cost 150GBP-250GBP depending on the model.

Skydivers are required to carry a knife in order to handle entanglement/reserve malfunctions.


Gloves are also helpful in caseof bad landings.


Finally, skydive necklaces are becoming a common means to recognise other skydivers away from the dropzone.


Accessories can cost 40GBP-60GBP altogether to be properly equipped on a jump.

Wingsuit Equipment

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