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Squirrel Colugo Learnings


Having recently invested in a Squirrel Colugo I wanted to share my skydive-mode learnings for other users.




1) The pull really is easier than any suit I've ever used before (including beginner suits). It is a beautifully tailored and designed suit.


2) The suit is unforgiving on deployment in skydive mode: the tail needs to be completely depressurised and your body needs to be symmetrical all the way through deployment. Pick a heading on the horizon and keep everything locked together. If you drop a knee, elbow or look up at your canopy during opening, expect to be kicking out twists or chopping a malfunctioning main.


3) Use a big, docile canopy. If you think you can get away with a 120sqft parachute you may want to think again. A Pilot 150 has proven to be a life-saver.


4) Pull high - think 7000ft until you're sure that you can open on-heading every time.


5) Drive out your legs and pull your arms down: do not fly the suit with arms swept back or knees down. If you don't fly the suit fast then it will fly you.


6) You can't steer with the wings, the turns are too radical. It wants to be guided with your head, knees and feet.


Colugo vs. Other Suits


The two images to the right demonstrate the Squirrel Colugo (blue) overlayed against a TonySuit X3 of the same size fit. You can see that the Colugo has a slightly shallower trim on the arms but the suits are otherwise practically the same size.

Colugo Learnings

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