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About Me

About Me

Hi, I'm Jon. 


I work in creative advertising strategy at Google in London and also run a concept advertising blog at


At weekends I fly a Wingsuit. I started Skydiving in 2008 whilst at Nottingham University and flew a Wingsuit for the first time in 2010. After moving from a TonySuit i-Bird to an S-Fly Expert to a Birdman Blade, I notched up 700 skydives and 200 wingsuit jumps before advancing onto performance suits.


In 2013 I invested in a Squirrel Colugo  after testing a number of Phoenix Fly and Tony Suits. With the Colugo I'm now performance training to work towards XRW.


I set-up as a charitable venture in 2012 in an attempt to give some clarity and information to those who are interested in what has historically been a largely inaccessible sport.


If you're grateful for the service this site provides, then you can thank us here:


And if there's anything you would like to discuss just drop me an email at:


Blue skies!

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